Christy, Executive Secretary
She will be your contact when you need to place an order with our company. Details are organize before we can prepare a professional package for you.
Christian, Chief of Operations
He will prepare a smooth system to provide you with the best service and product. Your needs are analyzed before we can start working for you.
Monserrate, Chief Farmer
He will prepare to cultivate the required land to provide our customers their choice of services.  Master of the soil available to us, he makes sure all the details are before him before the staff is organized.
Edwin, Director
He will oversee the operation and will be in touch our customers.
HI Edwin,

I did receive them, they look beautiful.  I took a picture, I am going to upload it to face book as soon as I have some time.  Thank you very much.

Thank you,

Joyce Rodriguez

" I received my order within 3 days of receipt of shipping confirmation. The ajies dulce were amazingly well preserved. Thank you for ensuring great quality product and service. I hope to order more in the future.
Puerto Rico farmed then shipped directly to you. Priority Mail, Fresh.